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Amateur radio club OM3KSI was established by enthusiasts of amateur radio and space technology at the Faculty of Aeronautics of the Technical University in Kosice.

The Faculty of Aeronautics, as a partner of the Slovak Organisation for Space Activities, has participated in the development of the first Slovak satellite skCube. The construction of a ground surveillance station led us to the idea of setting up a amateur radio club at the Faculty of Aeronautics. By performing our radio amateur activities, we want to bring students, and not only them, closer to the issue of tracking flying space objects, as well as the means of communication using satellites.


    We want to actively perform activities on amateur radio bands, take part in contests, especially at VHF bands, perform connections via satellites, experiment with connections reflected by the Moon, meteor showers and similar.


    By joining SatNogs’ programme for the tracking and monitoring of telemetry data of flying objects, we want to assist scientific institutions in processing the physical state data of their space objects.


    We want to actively participate in the projects of the Faculty of Aeronautics in the field of space technologies.

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Planned participation in contests

  • 3/4 July


    3rd Subregional Contest

  • 4/5 September


    IARU R1 VHF Contest