IARU Region-1 VHF Contest 2020

We went this year’s IARU VHF Contest in a fairly modified line-up as well as with a different equipment. Last year, we competed from a hill above Kavečany, a neighbourhood of Košice, whereas this year, we chose our new spot above the village of Košická Polianka.

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Marconi Memorial Contest 144 MHz 2019

The Marconi memorial contest is held annually in honour of the pioneer in wireless telegraphy, G. M. Marconi. The race takes place on the 144 MHz band, exclusively by CW operation (telegraphy).

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IARU VHF Contest 2019 from KN08OS

We started preparing for the IARU VHR Contest several weeks in advance. We really wanted to make more than 20 connections in the contest. :) The result of 92 connections and 28 thousand points is our best result we have achieved in our short modern history. However, we still feel we can do better. We are constantly looking for a competitive spot and improving our antennas.

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